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Frequently asked questions for donors, families, supporters, and contributors.  Learn how it works, how you can help, what to expect, and more.

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I want to donate.  How does it work?

We really appreciate your support!  Here are all the ways to contribute:

  1. Make a Monetary Donation

  2. Shop our Products

  3. Shop our Poshmark Closet

  4. Team/Company $$ Collection - Collab with your employees or coworkers on contributions.  Add a donation button at checkout for your customers. We suggest getting right to the point -- "Would you like to donate to Dress Up The House?" followed by monetary amounts $1, $5, $10, $25. Email for more info.

  5. Share and Spread the Word on Social Media

Do you accept costumes?

Yes! However...

We are able to provide costumes to our participating Ronald McDonald Houses mainly through financial contributions. 


While our drive originated with collecting costumes, we advanced our structure to fundraising so we are able to accommodate the RMH families with exactly what they want for the holiday and honor the health safety guidelines while lodging in the Houses. 

(They fill out a form with costume requests, we fulfill their order!)  To donate, click here.

New, Unopened costumes we receive go towards our local RMH houses in Philadelphia & New Jersey for families joining the houses after our drive ends.  These items must be delivered or dropped off at our office.  Contact us to donate.  We also recommend contributing these items to Phighting for Sophia in Philadelphia.


Used, or once-worn costumes (both Halloween and dance costumes) may be accepted and added to our Poshmark Closet for resale with all profits going towards the current fundraiser.   

Contact us to donate.

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Used Costumes?
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